In 1582 Ralph Ellerker begins a journey which is to take him around the known world.  Told through the eyes of five different people, all with their own story and place in history.  The Ellerker chronicle is interwoven with intrigue, coincidence and fact, constructed through compelling stories related from each personal aspect, creating a fascinating odyssey.  Intense research imbues the book with a tangible insight into Elizabethan life through the eyes of English gentility, Catholic families, Spanish settlers in the New World, and Explorers of the time.

Reality CoverF

The lives of two young people interact with their Realities, subsequently leading them to a connection with a population of children in Post-Ceausescu Romania.  The children grew up in the dismal state orphanages of the regime, and are now living in the sewers of Bucharest.  The story is based on real-life experences.

The first ‘Tales of Shakespuss’ series.  Shakespeare stories for children from 2 years old up. Some of the fun stories behind the plays of Shakespeare, re-told by his cat, William Shakespuss, together with his colourful animal friends.


He’s big, green, smelly and frightening, but The Bogglebott just wants to be loved!

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